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5 Rainy Day Activities for Kids in NYC

Today is a pretty rainy day here in NYC, which is not a lot of fun when you have little kids. There is nothing worse than being cooped up in a tiny one- or two-bedroom apartment with your children climbing the walls—and you climbing the walls too. Luckily there are plenty of rainy day activities for kids in NYC, which are great alternatives to staying inside and playing with the same old toys. Here are a few activities we recommend from experience!

Kids inside Pergamon Museum listening to audio guide. Berlin, Germany.Museums. NYC has some great kid-friendly museums, as well as museums solely dedicated to entertaining kids! A few of our uptown favorites are Children’s Museum of Manhattan and the American Museum of Natural History, and downtown there is the Children’s Museum of the Arts. You can also head to Lincoln Center to visit the (FREE!) Sesame Street exhibit if your child can’t get enough of this classic favorite show.

Drop-in Classes. Kidz Central Station has lots of drop-in classes, where you can register on the day of class—no planning ahead, no semester-long commitments. There are classes in music, cooking, tae kwan do, and more, so there are great options for all ages and interests. See our recent post about kids’ classes you should sign up for now—many of which are drop-ins—as well as all of the drop-in classes available now on the site!

Open Play. Open play is a great opportunity for a change of scenery, as well as for avoiding too much structure in your child’s day if he or she already has scheduled classes. Plus, open play spaces are great for meeting other families for future play dates and activities! Just the other day we wrote about all of the great spots for open play in NYC—check out the post for a refresher!

Playdates. While we’re on the subject of playdates, they are the perfect free activity for a rainy day. While your child might get a little antsy playing at home by him/herself, add a little playmate to the mix and it makes a rainy day so much brighter. Call up one of your friends—who is probably feeling as stir crazy as you are—and see if he or she is up for an afternoon get-together!

Art Projects. Sure, we all have crayons and coloring books, but a creative art project where kids can use their imaginations can help liven up a gloomy day. In many cases, you can use everyday materials you have lying around for a project! For example, get some glue/glue sticks and paper, and find as many odds and ends as you can in your apartment—buttons, newspapers, magazines, string, those plastic things used to tie up bags of bread, etc. Have your little one glue on the pieces to create his or her unique masterpiece! Another great project is a DIY tambourine. All you need are two paper plates, macaroni, and crayons/markers/other materials to decorate! Have your child decorate both paper plates and then put macaroni in the center of one paper plate. Attach the other plate on top using a stapler or tape and you have a homemade tambourine! While it’s a fun project, we’re sorry in advance for the extra noise!