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Weekend Activities for Kids in NYC

Weekend Activities

Who doesn’t look forward to the weekend? Even the little ones need time to let loose and have some fun. Weekends are the perfect time for kids to try some fresh and fun activities. Here’s our list for the best weekend activities your kids will love!


Wildlife Conservation Society Spend your weekend up close to animals with an interactive class at the five zoos and aquarium throughout NYC. Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, NY Aquarium / Ages 2+         

Family Breakfast With The Animals: Primates

THE ZOO: Jungle World Mornings


The Fashion Class. The Fashion Class focuses on fun and fabulous fashion themed classes where students learn to sew in a creative environment. Midtown West / Ages 6+

Beginner Sewing Class for Kids

Fashion Design & Illustration for Kids

Pattern & Stitch Advanced Sewing for Kids

Fashion Design & Sewing for Teens


New York Stage of Mind. New York Stage of Mind provides exceptional performance-focused music education. Classes include private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and more for all ages. Long Island City / Ages 3+

Piano Lessons

Singing Classes


Physique Swimming. Designed for swimmers to move smoothly from one level to the next as they progress in their swimming capabilities. Throughout NYC / Ages 4 months to 7

Me and My Shadow

Beginner 1: Water Exploration

Beginner 2: Primary Skills


Eastside Westside Music Together. For children from birth (yes, birth!) to five years, is based on the premise that all children are musical and have the same innate ability to learn music as language. UWS, UES, Midtown.

Music Together (Babies)

Music Together (Mixed Ages)


14th Street Y. Bring a friend and enjoy the relaxed environment where little ones explore and play together. Stuyvesant Town / Ages 2 months to 3

Indoor Playground

Sing Along

15 Fun Classes for Pre-school Kids

Top Classes for Pre-School Aged Children in NYC (Fall/Winter 2018)


NORY Science & Engineering is a Tots and Me class with hands-on experiments and projects.  Teach students ‘why,’ then ‘what’ to help them become more inquisitive and to show them how to look at the world differently.




Multi-Sport | Rising Roots with FunFit Kids is a drop off class for 3yr olds.  Children focus on specific sport cues and skills that relate to gross-motor movements through games and play. Children also learn about teamwork and rules of gameplay.



Piano Lessons at High Note start as early as 3.  Nora will support your learning of an applied instrument and incorporate theory and ear training following method books and appropriate supplemental materials.




Fall Soccer Class for ages 2-4 with caregiver with SocRoc. Students learn soccer from a former pro and develop core strength, upper and lower body strength, as well as, flexibility, endurance, and excellent posture.





Take Baby Ballerinas at Joffrey Ballet School in Greenwich Village.  Children explore movement, musicality, motor coordination, thus enhancing the development of both their bodies and minds.






Canta y Baila Conmigo for ages 4 and under with Eastside Westside Music Together. For native Spanish speakers to brand new Spanish-learners.





Super Tumblers for ages 3-4 at 92nd Street Y.  Teach children age-appropriate, skill-oriented progressions based on USA Gymnastics’ movement programs.





Preschoolers love Music with James!  James Humphrey is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist.




preschoolersEarly Development Art Adventures with Claire’s Creative Adventures (UES) introduces Ages 2-5 to Contemporary, Classic and Multi-Cultural Art.

  • Curriculum Based on Artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Koons and more
  • Introduction to Professional Artist Materials such as plaster, clay, charcoal and mixed media




Hip Hop for Ages 3-5 with Midtown Movement and Dance cultivates passion for dance. Introduce movements used in mainstream hip hop and pop music and jazz technique basics.







In Grandma’s Attic has Budding Ballerina & Ballerino for Ages 2-3 (Chelsea, UWS, Harlem).  Each week a different fairytale is read, and then reenacted through dance with costumes and props.





preschoolersGet the little ones Moving to the Rhythm of Math at Launch Math + Science for Ages 1.5-3.  With music as the foundation for learning, tots explore concepts such as counting, reading and identifying numbers, and using a number line.






Learn Spanish with ¡HOLA! A Playgroup Toddler Program.  Children acquire linguistic skills and develop an “ear” for new sounds learned, while building Spanish vocabulary.






Cook with Kids in the Kitchen Ages 2-4 at 92nd Street Y.




preschoolersStart pre-school with a Threes Preschool Class at Wee Ones Club. The daily schedule includes social play, muscle & brain builders, tumbling & jumping, music & instruments, dancing, story time, snack, art, parachute & bubbles.

Head of the Class Mom: Natalia Huang

Natalia Huang



Meet Head of the Class Mom, Natalia Huang Founder of Natalia Huang Piano Studio.  We first met Natalia in 2014 and we wanted to share an update on how things are going now that her children have grown and her business has evolved!


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Tell us about yourself. Why did you start Natalia Huang Studio?

Teaching piano is very special to me. I will be honest – I find that I can have a world of patience teaching about piano because I am so passionate about it. Just don’t ask me to teach anything else, ha! But yes, Natalia Huang Piano Studio was started when I was pregnant with my second child. As you know, the living spaces in New York City is not big at all. I very quickly realized that if I wanted to continue to teach piano, I’d have to move outside of my home. That was when I decided to rent a space and bring on additional teachers.

What is your secret to balancing work and family? Is there a balance?

As we have grown to three locations now, I’ve gotten better at “balancing”. But I do use that word very loosely because really, is there such a thing as balancing? I think the studio is able to operate more by itself now without my daily involvement, and I’ve gotten better at time managing now that all three of my children are in school during the day. Every year, I add on something to take care of myself more. Two years ago, it was to stop working after a certain hour during the day. Last year, it was to not look at emails during the weekend (only about a 75% success rate, haha). This year, I think I will shoot for not doing anymore work once my children gets home from school.

Share a funny story that helped you become a better parent and/or better at your job.

This has happened very recently. I had enrolled my children in a three day Chinese speech competition. As I was teaching them how to prepare for a speech, my oldest daughter asked me, “Is this why you always talk to yourself in front of the mirror or in a corner?” I realized she was referring to whenever I have to prepare for studio recital speeches. I never thought my children were paying attention to me that way! This made me understand that it is important to have your child see what you do for a living because it may influence them in more ways than you think!

What has been your biggest challenge and/or greatest reward in the struggle for work-life balance?

Well, I can say the challenges are ongoing. I have trained myself better over the years to face challenges without thinking the whole business will collapse. I must say though, that the greatest reward for my work-life balance is freedom. The freedom to do what I love in any location of the world. The freedom to take a day off and go to my children’s school event is worth all the challenges I face.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you had kids?

That teaching your own children piano is completely impossible! I had dreams of being my children’s piano teacher. The second I attempted to teach my oldest, that dream was shattered, haha! Now, my studio teacher teaches all my children, and I stay far away from the piano room when they are practicing!

What is one piece of advice you would give to other parents?

Children are more resilient than we think. Let them learn how to fail when they are younger, instead of always worrying about if something may hurt their feelings. You’d be surprised how quickly they bounce back from something and learn to move forward!

And Favorites!

Favorite children’s book?  I picked up “Dear Girl” for my youngest daughter last year. I love the message in the book — no need to conform to how society wants you to be, just be yourself!

Favorite kids’ class?  I know I’m biased to say piano, but I really really look forward to all the life skills piano lessons will teach my children. It certainly has taught me a lot!

Favorite thing to do with your family on weekends?  We enjoy swimming when the weather permits. We love how much we can let loose and have a good time in the pool.

Favorite rainy day escape?  Puzzles! Now that my children are older, it is fun to get them to pitch in too. It is such a relaxing activity to do!