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Diaper Bag Must-Haves For New Moms

Newborn baby and his father's hand - care and safety conceptAfter writing my last post about diaper bag must-haves for moms
with toddlers
, I realized that moms of infants need a completely different set of items in order to be prepared. When my son was an infant, I slowly learned through trial and error what I needed to have with me at all times, and what was just making my bag a lot heavier. So for all the new moms out there who feel as unprepared as I did, here is a short list of musts for every outing with an infant.

Diapers and wipes. Same as a toddler, you need these items at all times. The difference is, you need to carry a lot more! When babies are really little you never know when a blow out may occur, so it’s important to have a good-sized stash on hand.

Change of clothes. Speaking of blowouts, since diapers don’t always contain the mess, it’s important to keep an extra outfit in your bag just in case (and usually one you don’t like that much so you don’t sacrifice a good outfit!). One caveat: babies grow quickly so make sure you’re always carrying your little one’s current size. You don’t want to end up with a 3-month-old outfit for a 9-month-old child!

Extra food/bottles. Hunger seems to be everyone’s first guess when an infant cries, and nine times out of ten they’re right. Having a bottle, water, and extra formula (and this really handy formula holder) or a freshly pumped bottle of milk in your bag is a must. And of course if you exclusively breastfeed, you’re all set!

Burp cloths. Where there’s an infant, there’s spit up, so you’ll probably need one of these in your bag (and in your hand) at all times. I used to use the boring white ones when alone at home, but when my son and I were out, I wanted a prettier option. The aden + anais burpy bibs were my absolute favorite—they’re really soft, come in lots of great designs, and double as bibs when your baby gets older.

Toys. When my son was a newborn, all I needed was the motion of the stroller to keep him happy. But as time went on, Sophie, that silly overpriced giraffe that everyone buys (but no one fully understands the appeal of) is the one toy I had to have at all times. If Sophie isn’t your child’s thing, rattles, shakers, or any other brightly colored toys with different textures and funny sounds will do the trick.

A hat. While a cute baby fedora may be just a fashion item, a warm hat for the winter or a summer hat for sun protection is an absolute must. And since 95% of the time I find myself running out the door in a hurry, keeping an extra hat in my diaper bag means one less thing I have to remember to pack.

Your personal problem solver. When your baby is crying, you’ll do anything to make him or her stop. My son never took a pacifier, but for some moms, it is the ONLY thing that works. I even have a friend who kept her baby carrier in her bag, as it was the only solution for moments of distress. For me, it was a white noise app on my phone. Mine was Relax Melodies, but there are tons out there. My son once sat for an hour in the car with my iPhone propped against his car seat and the sound of a vacuum on full blast. As they say, whatever it takes.

Head of the Class Mom: Beth Rosenberg

Meet this week’s Head of the Class Mom, Beth Rosenberg, a Brooklyn-born mother of two and founder of Tech Kids Unlimited.

familyTell us about your family and your career. Why did you start Tech Kids Unlimited?
I live in lower Manhattan with my husband, daughter, son, and two cats. I have a B.A. and an M.A. in art history and spent the early part of my professional career in the museum education world at the Guggenheim Museum. After my daughter was born, I went to work for the Eyebeam Center for Arts and Technology in NYC. Later I had my son who has various special needs. When my kids got older, I went back to school to get an M.S. in educational technology because I saw the value of using tech to teach and learn.

Inspired by my son’s challenges and his love of technology, I founded Tech Kids Unlimited, a not-for-profit organization that teaches 21st-century technology skills to kids who learn differently. I am concerned that kids with learning and emotional disorders are not given the opportunity to learn technology, as their school days are packed with therapies and remedial tutoring. I also started Tech Kids Unlimited out of my fear that after age 21, kids with disabilities have a difficult time finding employment. I want special needs kids—often consumers of tech—to become the next generation of techies to produce digital culture and find jobs.

What is your secret to balancing work and family? Is there a balance?
I’m always working. When I’m not working, I’m making giant to do lists of what I need to accomplish! I was playing Backgammon with my daughter the other night and she had to take my phone away because I was trying to multitask and reply to emails. I work a lot at night after my kids are set with dinner and homework.

What has been your greatest reward in the struggle for work-life balance? 
The greatest reward of being a working mom is showing my kids the value of knowledge as it relates to work. I like my kids to know that work is part of life—it doesn’t stop just because you are an adult. The year my daughter graduated high school was the year I received my second master’s degree, so it was a wonderful year of accomplishment for both of us.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you had kids?
I wish someone told me to take more pictures and videos when my kids were younger. I wish I wrote down all of their funny sayings in a notebook. I wish I enjoyed it more through the chaos of the everyday minutia.

If you could give your children one piece of advice what would it be?
Have one grand passion. Find what you love to do, and become really skilled at it.


What is your favorite children’s book?
The Harry Potter series. It has the right amount of mystery, narrative, and fantasy.

What has been your favorite kids’ class?
I enjoy being in the Tech Kids Unlimited classes with my son. I’m always watching him from the sidelines and worried that he is not paying attention or focusing. But then last year in a class, he showed me how many lines of code he wrote and I was thrilled.

What is your favorite thing to do with your family on weekends?
I like our weekend shopping trips together, whether it’s for new shoes, snacks, juice, or bathroom essentials. I also enjoy family time at a museum—it may be harder to come by, but I usually get my way on days near my birthday!

What is your favorite rainy day escape?
I like watching movies: old, new, foreign, and independent. I also like binging on a great TV series. Right now I’m watching Friday Night Lights and although it’s about Texas and football—which I know little about—I’m intrigued by the dynamics that take place at the school, with the families, in the community, and more. It’s a slice of contemporary American small town life.

Find out more about Tech Kids Unlimited on Kidz Central Station, and sign up your little techie for one of their upcoming summer workshops!