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NYC Classes and Activities for Kids Starting Next Week!

Although the first day of spring has come and gone, with today being the first day of April we can definitely say that spring is here—and the weather is finally cooperating! Kidz Central Station has tons of spring classes and activities for kids starting each day, from music and soccer to family friendly shows and beyond. If you need last minute help deciding on classes, check out our round up below (or email us at info@kidzcentralstation.com and ask!)—or sign up for a trial class if you still aren’t sure!

Music for Aardvarks Sohostandard_BREEZY_PIC_POSTCARD. Music of Aardvarks Soho is run by the talented Bree Sharp, a.k.a. “Breezy”, a musician trained under Music For Aardvarks creator David Weinstone. She has been teaching classes for over 10 years, including the new semester of Music for Aardvarks Soho (which she teaches with all-star Andrew) starting April 6! Classes are for infants and toddlers age four months to four years, and include lots of singing, dancing, moving, clapping and laughing! Children are exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and instruments, and are sure to have a blast all season long.

The Amazing Max. For a limited time only, The Amazing Max is back and bringing fun and comedy to NYC kids from April 6–10! The perfect weekend activity for the whole family, The Amazing Max is a comedic magician who can keep even the most active kids entertained. It’s a high-energy show where objects disappear, the laws of gravity are defied, and kids sit spellbound for an entire 60 minutes! And for a limited time, select shows are 20% off!standard_TheAmazingMax0518

Soc Roc. The arrival of spring means that it’s time for children to get outside and enjoy the fresh air—and Soc Roc’s new semester of soccer classes is a great way to start! With tons of classes in Manhattan’s Central Park and Astoria Park in Queens, this program allows kids of all ages to learn the basics of soccer in NYC’s natural havens. And if outdoor classes aren’t for your child, Soc Roc also has indoor classes available in various NYC neighborhoods. Classes start over throughout next two weeks!

Urban Golf. Another great outdoor class for city kids, Urban Golf’s Early Birdies class for 3.5–5 year olds provides an overall introduction to the fundamentals of golf: how to hold a golf club; proper swing posture, set up, and aim; and rules and etiquette. Kids learn and practice with a variety of golf drills and games, all from the beautiful Riverside Park in NYC! The spring semester starts April 6, so hurry up and enroll!

Spring Break Campsstandard_4wGD15ikKj4Cq8K7eoFcWYnhaGd5RvepMCjGXZcXxTI. Since next week is spring break for NYC public schools (but not for parents!), many kids’ programs are running special spring break camps to keep kids busy all week long. Rockstars! (music and movement), Freshmade (cooking), and LIC Kids (gym, music, sports, and more!) are just a few great options, but check out the site for a full selection. Camps vary in number of days and hours per day, so you can choose the best program for your little one. So while kids are still learning and playing the week away, parents can drop of them off and attend to their own regularly scheduled activities.