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Kips Bay/Murray Hill Kids’ Birthday Party Venue

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday Party

The Shake and Burger Bar is a newly opened family fun restaurant and unique kids birthday party venue right here in Kips Bay/Murray Hill.  Located on 3rd avenue between 25th and 26th streets, this is a great place for a family meal in a comfy setting with goodies for both kids (milkshakes) and parents (alcohol infused milkshakes!).

Our Visit

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday PartyKidz Central Station recently visited with our kids to check out the masssive over 3000 sq ft space and  try out the giant artistic masterpiece milkshakes.  When we arrived at 6:30PM on a Thursday, the restaurant was packed with both an after-work crowd and parents with young kids. We had a short wait for a table and the servers could not have been nicer or more accomodating.  Everyone here is extremely friendly and service was fast once we were seated. With music blasting and energetic chatter, it is a festive experience.

The Shake and Burger Bar is a great addition to this area of 3rd Avenue, which is becoming more and more family friendly with a NY Kids Club opening across the street, Modern Pinball, a 16 Handles location, and NYPL Kips Bay.  If you’re looking for a unique birthday party, you can’t go wrong with milkshakes, chicken tenders and Disney movies for the kids and happy hour sangrias and Stellas for the parents. With numerous big screen TVs scattered throughout playing sports or kid-centric movies, there is something for all ages.  We sat towards the back of the restaurant in a slightly elevated separated area that could easily host 15-20 kids while the parents could sit off in their own space with their nachos and drinks.  And our three kids really tested the limits of running around and playing tag in a crowded restaurant. And l should add that they also spilled a milkshake all over our table and the floor.  The super nice staff cleaned it up quickly and without complaint or shaming looks. Thank you!

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday Party

Happy Hour and Menu

Important into for our parents:  Happy Hour is Every Day 4pm-8pm.  This includes $4 Pint & $14 Pitchers of Stella, $4 Mixed Drinks, 1/2 Price Wings (one per customer), and all day $4 shots of Absolute Lime.  The menu is standard fare of wings, sliders, nachos, several types of burgers, and sandwiches. Everything we ate was delicious! The adults tried the veggie and salmon burgers and the kids ordered from the $7.50 Kids Menu (either 2 chicken tenders w fries or 2 cheeseburger sliders w fries).  

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday Party

And, of course, the standouts are the magnificent milkshakes.  We’ll let the photos do the talking. 

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday Party

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday Party

Shake and Burger Bar Birthday Party

Kid friendly, awesome service, delicious food, and insane milkshakes! We’ll be back for Trivia Night on Tuesdays at 7:30PM.

Why Family Mealtime is SO Important

We all know that family mealtime is important, but scheduling time together is often easier said than done. When you get home from work or if you’ve spent the day running around after your kids, it can be tempting to grab food on the go or microwave a quick meal for the kids and order in for yourself.

However, every once in a while it’s important to take an hour out of your day to turn the TV off, put the phones and computers down, and enjoy a healthy meal while reflecting on the events of the day. Take it from us (and our experts at NYU Langone Medical Center who also had something to say about the matter!), your family will benefit in more ways than you know:

It’s important for your family relationship. The only way to foster a close-knit family is to spend quality time together, and weeknight meals are the perfect opportunity. Eating together every night might be a stretch for your family, but a couple nights a week at least, plan a meal where you can sit down together, talk about your day, and find out what’s happening in each other’s lives. What you learn might surprise you!

On that note, you may learn things about each other wouldn’t otherwise find out. We rush around in so many different directions that we often don’t have the time to chat about the little things in life—who your toddler played with at school, the project your wife is spending her days on at work, the amazing book your teenager read at school. Taking the time to spend a meal together—without lots of outside interruptions—will help you understand each other better and address exciting news and/or challenging issues in a more timely manner.

Your picky eater may just try something new. Kids tend to eat pretty early, so it’s not always convenient to eat as a family. However, if you have a picky eater on your hands and you make a concerted effort to eat dinner together as a family, he or she may be inspired to dig in to what the rest of you are eating. It’s not a guarantee, but a major way kids learn is by watching and observing, which is pretty difficult to do if they’re always eating by themselves.

You’ll eat healthier. After a long day, it often seems like the best way to handle dinner is to order in or grab take out and eat as you please. While this might be easier, doing so may not be good for your waistline. More often than not, grab and go meals are much more unhealthy than what you’d make for yourself at home, and eating this way every night can add lots of extra calories and saturated fat to your diet. Home-cooked meals don’t have to be difficult or over the top gourmet. Marinate chicken overnight and throw it on the grill; roast some vegetables in olive oil, salt, and pepper; and bake a sweet potato in the oven—and there you have an easy and healthy dinner for the whole family.

If lack of cooking time is the reason for your lack of family meals, don’t let it be your excuse! Prep your meals over the weekend when you have the time so all you have to do is defrost or throw it in the oven. You can also search the endless number of cooking sites out there for easy 20-minute meals that literally entail throwing things in a pot. Or, check out Kitchensurfing, a company that sends a private chef to your home to cook, serve, and clean up a meal for your family. This way you can spend more time as a family and less time worrying about what to make for dinner!

Where to Eat, Play and Shop in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is well-known for its quiet little blocks full of beautiful brownstones and carriage houses, nestled under leafy trees. With its picturesque location, right on the waterfront, Brooklyn Heights has long been a desirable neighbourhood to live in, as well as a popular destination for tourists who end up on Montague Street after a scenic walk along the promenade.

This historic neighbourhood is also a quiet haven for families, so it’s no wonder that Brooklyn Heights is loaded with kid-friendly places to eat, play and explore.

ample hills

Where to eat
Feel like a light snack, or breakfast or lunch? Check out Le Pain Quotidien (121 Montague street), one of the most kid-friendly restaurants you’ll ever find. They do great iced teas, croissants, fruit tarts and quiches. For a special occasion or fancy brunch, wake up early to score a table (and an expertly-mixed cocktails) at Colonie (127 Atlantic Ave). In hot weather, grab a gelato at Peas n’ Pickles or a homemade scoop (or two!) of ice-cream from Ample Hills, which recently opened a concession stand at Pier 5. For an early dinner and glass of wine, head over to Dellaroccos (214 Hicks St) for some delicious wood-fired pizza.


Where to play
Brooklyn Heights families are lucky to have two amazing, spanking-new playgrounds for kids of all ages to enjoy. Check out Pier 6 for a dizzying variety of specialised play areas: Swing Valley (recently re-opened after being severely damaged during last year’s hurricane), Slide Mountain (where you can zoom down some heart-stopping slides), The Water Lab (it’s a zoo in summer, so when possible, go on weekdays while kids are still in school) and Sandbox Village. Pier 5 is brand-brand-new, and features a toddler playground, a bigger kid’s play area, plus a huge soccer field and barbecue area. Another playground worth visiting is the recently dedicated Adam Yauch Park (Atlantic Ave, Columbia Pl, State St). It’s named for the famous Beastie Boy, who grew up in the neighbourhood playing in this playground.

heights kids

Where to shop
Check out Heights Kids (93 Pineapple Walk), a favourite with locals for its wide range of everything kids might need, from toys and teething rings to clothes and car seats. Other boutique kids stores worth check out are Junior Lowe (89 Atlantic Ave), a kids clothing with the tagline “for little Brooklyn hipsters”, and Nest Egg Kids (109 Atlantic Ave), a cozy little kids toy store that focus on handmade toys of good quality and style. Check out the flower shop next door to Nest Egg Kids, Floral Heights and see if your name is on the blackboard that day – if it is, you get a free flower!

By Christine Knight


Christine Knight is co-founder of Brunchwithmybaby.com, a site featuring kid-friendly places to eat, play and explore in New York City. Catch up with the Brunch With My Baby team on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Follow Christine on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.