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Pop In for A Kidz Central Station Pop-Up Class!

You may have noticed that from time to time Kidz Central Station hosts one-time pop-up classes with some of the amazing kids’ programs throughout NYC. Just yesterday we had a pop-up at TLB Music, where kids of all ages got a sneak preview of TLB’s Mixed Age classes and also had a chance to run and play in the TLB playroom. Everyone had a blast! If you haven’t yet attended one of our pop-up classes, here are a few good reasons why you should!

photo (5)It’s a chance to try a new NYC kids’ program. We host pop-ups in different neighborhoods throughout the city, at places like Wee Ones Club in Murray Hill, Gymboree on the Upper West Side, and Fastbreak Kids on the Upper East Side. If you live in a neighborhood where we are hosting a pop-up class, attending is a great opportunity to try out a class and see if you’d like to enroll your child in the program for a semester.

They are really fun events! Pop-up classes are full of the enrichment and structure of a normal semester class, but with a fun party twist! At many of our pop-up classes we give away fun prizes (like musical play instruments and awesome kids products), serve sweet treats (we just had amazing cookies from Insomnia Cookies yesterday!), and end with a delicious pizza party! Every pop-up is full of fun and surprises.

unnamedMeet other local parents. Our pop-up events draw lots of new faces, so if you’re new to a neighborhood or looking for more parents to connect with, attending a pop-up is a great way to meet new people. You’ll find many really nice and friendly people, and maybe even make new friends your kids can take classes with each week!

Get acquainted with Kidz Central Station. Kidz Central Station is run by moms who want to make it easier for parents like us to find the best classes for their kids. At every event you’ll meet a Kidz Central Station member who can answer any questions you have about kids’ classes and who may even have one of their own little ones in tow enjoying the class. We stand by all of the classes on our site and love having the opportunity to let our kids try them out, too.

If you want to be notified about the next pop-up class in your neighborhood, sign up for our mailing list! And if you live in downtown NYC or feel like traveling to a different neighborhood, our next pop-up class is at Gymboree Tribeca on November 21!