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Great NYC Kids’ Classes for Fall

As New Yorkers, we pride ourselves on certain qualities: we’re cosmopolitan, confident, and open. We love our city because of the unique opportunities it provides to experience the best in education, culture, art, and science. Of course, we want to pass those values and that love on to our children and help them take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them. We at Kidz Central Station can help! Below are our picks for the best New York City-centric classes for the Fall.

  1. Art Adventures and Story Art-Ventures
    Smiling Girl CCA

Is your son or daughter a junior Picasso or Pollock? Encourage your little artist by enrolling her in a creative adventure. Claire’s Creative Adventures, based on the Upper East Side, boasts a variety of offerings for students ages 2 to twelve. Art Adventures and Mini-Art Adventures introduces children to modern and contemporary artists and gives them the supplies to try their hands at creating their own masterpieces. Field trips to city galleries draw on the wealth of art displayed around New York. Does talent run in the family? Try the Parent/Child Workshop together. To give your child some artistic inspiration, sign her up for Story Art-Ventures at Let’s Gogh Art NYC where students from ages 2 to 4 are read a popular children’s story in every session, followed by the completion of a unique art project related to the story. The class also incorporates age-appropriate math, science, writing, geography and history concepts. Depending on the theme, students might also sing, dance and play games.

  1. Little Scientists and Magical Math
    Magical Math

Many of the best minds in the country are based at New York’s myriad institutions of higher learning. If your child is a budding brainiac, check out these intellectual outings: Little Scientists, offered in lower Manhattan by Little Peep Prep for kids from 16 months to 3 years old and by the 14th Street Y in the East Village for ages 3 to 5, provides a venue for mini-Einsteins to conduct hands-on experiments and discover the natural world. If your son or daughter has more of a mathetical bent, Little Peep Prep’s Magical Math for students from 20 months to 4 years old provides children the opportunity to count, sort, match and explore a variety of materials, allowing them to naturally understand the relationship between everyday life and math.

  1. Animal CareAnimal Care

Healthy, local food is a New York obsession. We sign up for farm shares and patronize farmer’s markets, but your city kid may wonder a farm is, exactly, or maybe she’s just an animal lover. Either way, sign her up for the Animal Care class at the Art Farm in the City, an indoor organic farm on the Upper East Side. Students from ages 4 to 7 participate in a variety of stories, games, and other activities. Every session includes actively caring for the animals in the Farm’s indoor petting zoo, up-close encounters and time to record observations. Before it’s time to go, students can read an animal themed book or just relax with a favorite creature on the Farm.

4. ¡HOLA! A Playgroup in Spanish

There are hundreds of languages spoken around New York City. It’s never too early to begin teaching your child a second language; in fact, as we’ve previously discussed on Kidz Buzz, young children’s brains are primed to learn new languages. The ¡Hola! program hosts Spanish-language playgroups and after school programs for aspiring polyglots from ages 18 months to 8 years in multiple locations throughout Manhattan and Queens. The program focuses on a wide repertory of concepts to build vocabulary and help children acquire the correct use of phonetics from a native speaker while also enhancing children’s cognitive abilities, fine/gross motor skills, and social and artistic capabilities.

  1. PopFit and JumpLife KIDSPopFitphotohoopjump

New Yorkers are some of the most physically fit people in the country, but students sit in classrooms for most of the day during the school year, and with the decreasing prevalence of physical education classes in schools, it’s more important than ever to help your child stay active throughout the year. PopFit Kidssignature class, in combination with its junior class develops “The Fab Five”: Cardio, Balance, Flexibility, Strength and Endurance, in students ages 3 to 8 through energizing circuits, dynamic drills, exciting games, yoga, and more. JumpLife‘s appropriately-named kids’ class in Tribeca caters to older students, ages 8 to thirteen. The unique 45-minute trampoline workout distinguishes itself by its atmosphere of non-competition, where students can express themselves and avoid the pressure of organized sports.

The suggestions above only scratch the surface of the wide range of fun, educational, and enriching classes listed at Kidz Central Station. Kidz Central Station does the work of finding and researching kids’ classes for you. Sort offerings by activity type, age, price, schedule, and location and peruse the in-depth descriptions and reviews to identify the perfect class for your child.

Meet 3 New Animals Through the Eyes of Benny The Tortoise!

Benny The Tortoise 2

Hi! I am Benny The Tortoise, and I live at The Art Farm In The City. Living in NYC as a tortoise has been such a crazy experience! I get the incredible opportunity to live with over 50 amazing animals from all over the world. I am a very tech-savvy tortoise, so I thought I would use my skills and share fun facts about 3 of my friends!   I also added a few activities for you to enjoy with your family as well!

1. The Bunny Rabbit!

bunny rabbit

While I consider myself one of the favorite animals of the farm, I have to admit, our bunny rabbits are pretty popular as well! Our rabbits are fairly clean animals, for starters. They groom themselves and sometimes their rabbit friends! I see our amazing animal staff brush the rabbit’s soft, pretty fur to help keep them extra clean.The rabbits can be a variety of colors: brown, white, black, tan and grey. Rabbits eat a variety of healthy veggies such as carrots, celery, and kale. Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, and that is why they are always munching away! I am a little jealous of this, because as a tortoise, I don’t have any teeth. My mouth is similar to bird’s beak. However, my beautiful shell makes up for my lack of pearly whites!

A fun rabbit game to play at home: Try singing “5 Little Rabbits Jumping on the Bed” and follow the singing and dancing with some healthy, veggies as a snack!


2. Ralphie The Irian Jaya Blue Tongue!

blue tongued-skink

Ralphie The Skink is a reptile with a pretty special tongue- it’s blue! Just like I use my shell to scare or avoid predators, Ralphie shows his blue tongue! Looks like this little guy and I have somethin’ in common! Ralphie is from Indonesia, and that is usually where you will find his relatives. Depending on how much time and love you give these little guys, they can make a pretty good pet. They eat insects, flowers, fruit and berries. I see kids of all ages holding Ralphie, and I know he enjoys it!

A fun skink activity for home: Make healthy Blueberry Ice Pops, so you can have an awesome blue tongue, too!

Ingredients – 2 cups fresh blueberries, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon lemon juice, and blue food coloring to give it that extra kick for those blue tongues! Feel free to add in some gummy worms before you freeze to give it even more fun!


 1.Stir first 3 ingredients in a pan over medium-high heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, until berries have burst, about 5 minutes

2. Mix in lemon juice. Cool to room temperature, then pour into molds and freeze.

blueberry pop

3. Ethel The Dove!


Ethel goes back to the start of The Art Farm In the City 11.5 years ago! Doves are found all over the world and you probably have seen their cousin, the pigeon all over NYC! Doves eat seeds, fruit and plants. Kids of all ages have been brave enough to hold Ethel right on their fingers while they pet her soft, white feathers. Ethel’s bird garden is right next to my cozy corner at The Art Farm, and she has been a great neighbor through the years.

Bird Activity for home: Make your very own birdies out of recycled, easy materials!

What you need:

Paper plate to cut in half, 3 different colored pieces of construction paper, Googly eyes, glue stick/glue, leaves, flowers, and or brown crinkly paper, and brown markers, crayons or paint (You choose how  messy you want to get!)


Cut the plate in half to have has the ‘bird’s” nest. Color or paint your nest brown or tan and glue on any “nature” or brown crinkly paper to act as pieces of the nest.

Cut out 3 different color ovals to act as your birds. Cut out and add little wings and beak (mix and match any colors!) out of extra paper. Add on your googly eyes and glue your birds into your nest!


Hopefully you enjoyed learning some fun, new information from ME – Benny The Tortoise. It’s been fun blogging about our Bunny Rabbits, Ralphie The Skink, and Ethel The Dove. If you want to meet or learn more about any of my friends I mentioned , visit our website for Farm Visiting Hours or check out Kidz Central Station for our class listings!

Benny The Tortoise 1