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Back-to -School With Carried Away Chefs

Recently, Kidz Central Station spent the afternoon with the Carried Away Chefs team as they prepared one of their menus for the week. If you are busy and exhausted and over scheduled from this back to school season or want healthier family meals, this weekly in-home personal chef service is the answer

Carried away chefs


Carried away chefsCarried away chefsWith the Weekly Chef service, Carried Away Chefs plans your weekly 3 meal menu with your input and dietary preferences in mind, shops for the groceries, and then comes to your home to cook.  The menu consists of proteins, vegetables, soup, salad, breakfast or snack. Once prepared, the food is stored in your containers in your fridge with labels and reheating instructions. And your kitchen will be left spotless.  Simple, Easy, Delicious!!

And for those of us who order delivery every day (and sometimes 2x a day on weekends!), this is not only healthier but also affordable.  A once a week visit which produces 3 family meals is $350.  If this doesn’t convince you, the take a look at the menu Carried Away Chefs  (instagram @carriedawaychefsmade for us.



The Menu

BBQ Chicken

Cabbage slaw – Red Wine Vinaigrette

Zucchini wrapped Hake

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Chicken Herbs de Provence

Israeli Couscous with Pine Nuts  & Broccolini

carried away chefs



Carried away chefs

We arrived to watch the chefs chop, slice, blend, season, toss, sauté, and bake several dishes, sauces and dressings.  And everything was absolutely delicious!  Our favorites were the zucchini wrapped Hake and the strawberry dressing on the spinach salad. We would’ve thought this was too tasty to be healthy had we not seen everything prepared right in front of us.  Also, the portions were plentiful so we could see the three weekly meals lasting beyond that.

We wholeheartedly recommend Carried Away Chefs for all of our busy families!  Ask for a Free Consultation today!

carried away chefs