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4 Must-Have Educational Apps for Kids!

(Some rights reserved, Brad Flickinger via Fickr Creative Commons)

(Some rights reserved, Brad Flickinger via Flickr Creative Commons)

Most parents today didn’t grow up with smartphones—but their kids are growing up in a world that nearly revolves around technology. Some people have spoken out against this dependence on phones, tablets, and computers, but there are many others who tout technology as a lifesaver—especially when it comes to kids. If you’ve ever taken a three-hour car ride with a toddler, you know exactly what we mean! It seems that we’re cultivating Generation Z—a generation so involved with science and technology that they’re already developing revolutionary anti-flu vaccines at the age of 17!

Of course, a big factor for the successful use of technology with kids is how they use it at a young age. There are an endless number of fun and educational apps that not only let little ones swipe and play, but also teach them shapes, colors, reading, and math. So if your kids can’t get enough of playing on your phone and/or tablet, consider downloading one of these three educational apps for hours of learning and entertainment.

tynker appTynker
When we were growing up, it was unclear as to the direction in which technology would take us, and whether or not investing in a computer-related course would result in a stable career. Today, there’s no doubt as to the importance of computer-related knowledge, and some governments have even begun mandating the teaching of coding to kids 
as early as primary school. If you don’t have time to enroll your child in a computing class, try out Tynker, an app that helps kids learn to code by providing them with a tangible system and a way to enjoy the things they’ve coded in real time.

Reading Ravenreading_raven_app
For younger children who have yet to learn how to read, 
Reading Raven can be a wonderful tool. Not only does this app teach kids how to pronounce and read the alphabet, but it also eases them into learning how to read simple words and phrases with the integration of fun learning activities. The app comes with stellar recommendations from homeschooling blogs, but it can be a great complement for preschool work too. This app provides a great way for parents to sit and work on reading exercises with their kids, and is a fun complement to your regular reading exercises.

Read Me Stories – Children’s Booksread me stories app
Once your kids have a better grasp of language and can read simple stories on their own, it’s important to supply them with fresh reading material. In the past this would have entailed numerous trips to the library or book store, but modern technology allows us to have a nearly limitless supply of books through our tablets and phones. The 
Read Me Stories app is constantly updated with new books you can purchase for $1.99, so your kids will never tire of reading.

While kids watch their parents type away daily on their computers and will have no problem picking up this vital skill, it’s still important for them to learn basic handwriting. iTrace helps them do just that—it’s the most comprehensive app for teaching kids handwriting skills, so kids can learn to form letters, practice their names, write out favorite words, and more! More perks of the app? It’s friendly for lefties and you can print paper worksheets right from the iPad app, so kids can practice off-line as well.

Are you a fan of any other educational apps? Are there apps you’ll always rely on for your kids’ education? Let us know on our Facebook page!