Good Advice for Parents From A Child

When I was visiting my parents recently I was going through some of my old toys and books with my daughter and came across an old newspaper clipping I kept in my night table by my bed. it was from the late 1980s and was called “Memo From a Child to: Parents” and was published in a local newspaper. I had saved it for so many years and reading it now as a parent was especially meaningful. I now keep it in my night table by my bed and feel the message is important for all parents so am sharing it. I do not know who originally wrote this but thank him or her. I found the memo compelling as a child and I find it even more compelling as a parent. As our kids start another school year I hope parents will find this helpful.

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Dear Mom & Dad,

  •  Don’t spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not to have all I ask for – I’m only testing you. 
    • Don’t be afraid to be firm with me.  I prefer it.  It makes me feel secure.
    • Don’t let me form bad habits.  I have to rely on you to detect them in the early stages.
    • Don’t make me feel smaller than I am.  It only makes me behave stupidly “big”.
    • Don’t correct me in front of people if you can help it.
    • Don’t make me feel that my mistakes are sins.  It upsets my sense of values.
    • Don’t protect me from consequences.  I need to learn the painful way sometimes.
    • Don’t be too upset when I say, “I hate you”It isn’t you I hate but your power to
      thwart me.
    • Don’t take too much notice of my small ailments.  Sometimes they get me the attention I need.
    • Don’t nag.  If you do, I’ll have to protect myself by appearing deaf.
    • Don’t forget that I cannot explain myself as well as I’d like.  That is why I’m not always accurate.
    • Don’t put me off when I ask questions.  If you do, you will find that I stop asking and seek information elsewhere.
    • Don’t be inconsistent.  That confuses me and makes me lose faith in you.
    • Don’t tell me my fears are silly.  They are real to me, and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand.
    • Don’t ever suggest you are perfect or infallible.  It hurts and disappoints me when I learn that you are neither.
    • Don’t ever think that it is beneath your dignity to apologize to me.  An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm towards you.
    • Don’t forget that I love experimenting.  I couldn’t get along without it; so please put up with it, within limits.
    • Don’t forget how quickly I an growing up.  It must be very difficult for you to keep pace with me, but please do try.
    • Don’t forget that I don’t thrive without lots of love and understanding.
  • Please keep yourself safe, fit, and healthy.  I need you and I love you.

Author: Lauren Pohl

Lauren Pohl is the CEO and founder of Kidz Central Station and a mom to two amazing kids. She came up with the idea for Kidz Central Station while on maternity leave with her youngest child. On a quest to find the right music class for her young child, she quickly grew frustrated with having to search dozens of websites in order to find the right class, many of which didn’t even have online enrollment! Thus, the idea for Kidz Central Station was born. Lauren enjoys learning about all of the great kids’ programs that help busy parents keep their children active and happy.