Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Fall Finds

Scavenger Hunt for Kids- Fall Finds

In this era of rapidly advancing technology in education and communication, scavenger hunts for kids are a refreshing change of pace from screen staring and swiping. They are the epitome of the term “good, old-fashioned fun” that require children to interact with and explore their world in a way that can’t be replicated virtually. This Fall Finds scavenger hunt for kids, created especially for Kidz Central Station, is perfect for apple picking, an Autumn day at the park, or walking around your neighborhood!

Click on the link below to download, save, and print the PDF:

Scavenger Hunt for Kids- Fall Finds PDF

Carina Zimmerman is one of the co-founders of TLB Music, a children’s music studio and indoor playspace located on the Upper East Side.  She is also the author of The Bird Feed NYC, TLB’s blog filled with family-friendly music to share, free printables for kids, NYC history, product recommendations, and nostalgic photo collections. 

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Author: Carina Zimmerman