Introducing the First Class Ticket


As both parents and members of the parenting industry, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about raising kids in New York City. Many parents, especially those outside NYC, seem to think there are a lack of kid friendly options available in the Big Apple, but we find that the biggest problem is choosing from the over-abundance of possibilities: schools, parks, theater, museums etc. and then there are all of the activities and classes.

We love having all these choices, and they are among the reasons many parents decide to raise their children in NYC. But figuring out which option is best for your kids and family is often a challenge itself. It’s with this in mind that we started asking parents we’ve met at various Kidz Central Station events, “What would make choosing a class for your kids easier?” The answer over and over was, “give me choices but don’t overwhelm me with options.”

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So, we thought about it. We talked to some of our amazing class providers, and we’ve come up with an answer that is a win-win for everyone: the First Class Ticket. This one ticket buys you and your child the opportunity to sample four different types of classes, from four different providers, and all within a similar neighborhood or area. And all of this costs less than $10 a class. We’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to. All you need to do show up and play, learn and watch your child thrive. When you find the class (or classes) that fit you and your child, you can sign up for more with confidence and ease. We hope you love it and that it makes your life easier and more fun!

Here is how it works:
It’s this simple: buy one First Class Ticket from Kidz Central Station, try four different classes, offered by four amazing providers, in one general area, all for under $10 a class. Pay only $39 for classes valued at more than $120, when purchased individually. With the First Class Ticket you and your child will sample a new music, art, physical play and enrichment class. All you have to do is sign-up, save money, time, and hassle while trying out a handful of amazing classes. It’s the best ticket in town to find the greatest kids classes NYC has to offer this Fall!

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The following is a list of the providers and locations available on the First Class Ticket Fall 2013:

NY Kids Club, TLB Music, The Art Farm in the City, Moosiki Kids, Lets Gogh Art

Wee Ones Club, Kids at Work, Let’s Gogh Art, NY Kids Club

Little Peep Prep, Swaddle Waddle, NY Kids ClubMusic Beans

There are a limited number of First Class Tickets available. Classes are available for children aged 6 months to 24 months. Limit of one class per child per venue. Sign up and find your new favorite class today!

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Author: Kidz Central Station

Founded by a NYC mom of two young children, Kidz Central Station uses technology to solve the problem so many busy parents face—how to find, book, and manage their children’s classes, camps, local family events, and birthday parties. Kidz Central Station offers more than 20,000 classes, camps, and birthday party options representing hundreds of NYC’s top activity providers. With a sophisticated search engine and class reviews, it is easy for parents to find the best classes for their children, sign up for a trial class, and directly enroll.