It’s Back to Class Season at Kidz Central Station!

Baby girl and her mother playing at homeUh-oh . . . it’s August. There’s still plenty of summer left, but August is a reminder to
savor every summer second because fall is coming soon. If you haven’t thought a minute about what classes your child should take when September arrives, you’re not alone—many parents put it off because it can be pretty overwhelming.

To relieve some of the stress, Kidz Central Station is starting a “Back to Class” series here on Kidz Buzz, with class tips for every age, interest, and neighborhood. We’ll give advice, answer questions, and do our best to make it easy for you to sign up your kids for fall classes and enjoy the rest of your summer. To start, here are a few tips for choosing the best fall classes!

Try something new! While you may have a favorite program that you continuously sign up for with friends, try adding a new class to your child’s repertoire this fall. There are so many unique programs out there that you probably don’t know exist! Kidz Central Station lets you search by type of class and neighborhood, so try a search in your area to see what hidden gems are right around the corner.

Schedule classes around your child’s needs. Little kids can be unpredictable. But if your child has a particular nap schedule or there’s a time of day he or she will be most engaged in class, factor that in when choosing a session. Because really, what mom wants schedule 15 make-up classes because her child slept through class yet again? Luckily, many of the programs on Kidz Central Station offer a variety of times and days for each class, so it’s easy to find the perfect option for your child.

Try a class NOW. Since fall classes don’t start until next month, August is a great time to register for a trial class. Most programs offer them for free or at a nominal cost, so it’s worth a try before you buy. To search for a trial class on Kidz Central Station, simply check the box for “Trial Class” when searching from the homepage to see what’s available.

Don’t overbook. With so many possibilities, and so many unique fall classes for NYC kids, it can be tempting to enroll for an activity or two every day of the week. While structured activities are important for development and learning, kids still need free time to run around and play with pals—especially since fall is still warm enough to take advantage of NYC’s parks and playgrounds. But don’t worry—winter comes next, so in just a few months your little one can try all of the classes there wasn’t time for in the fall.

Author: Kidz Central Station

Founded by a NYC mom of two young children, Kidz Central Station uses technology to solve the problem so many busy parents face—how to find, book, and manage their children’s classes, camps, local family events, and birthday parties. Kidz Central Station offers more than 20,000 classes, camps, and birthday party options representing hundreds of NYC’s top activity providers. With a sophisticated search engine and class reviews, it is easy for parents to find the best classes for their children, sign up for a trial class, and directly enroll.