Hello World

We are so excited to write our first post! We created Kidz Central Station to help busy parents find amazing classes and camps or their kids in New York City and to make the process so much easier. We also want to help the providers of these wonderful classes and camps connect with more NYC parents. Many of our team are NYC mothers and we know how finding the right class or camp can be tough and how little time you have. Our kids have taken enrichment, dance, cooking, music, soccer, spanish and art classes and we have learned from our work on Kidz Central Station about so many other interesting classes we didn’t even know existed! We look forward to hearing what classes your kids like and what they didn’t and what ages your kids started taking classes and anything else  related to classes or camps in NYC.

Author: Lauren Pohl

Lauren Pohl is the CEO and founder of Kidz Central Station and a mom to two amazing kids. She came up with the idea for Kidz Central Station while on maternity leave with her youngest child. On a quest to find the right music class for her young child, she quickly grew frustrated with having to search dozens of websites in order to find the right class, many of which didn’t even have online enrollment! Thus, the idea for Kidz Central Station was born. Lauren enjoys learning about all of the great kids’ programs that help busy parents keep their children active and happy.