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For the Love of Dance at Joffrey

Joffrey Ballet School makes dance fun! Classical Ballet classes are for age 2 to 18 with a curriculum created to encourage age appropriate creativity, musicality, and physicality. Your child will dance and have fun with an emphasis on the foundations of ballet and the opportunity to learn contemporary ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance in classes.

Location: Greenwich Village, 434 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY

Joffrey Ballet School

Dance With Me w/caregiver

Age: at least 2 years
Dancers are introduced to the joy of creative movement in a fun, family friendly musical setting.
Joffrey Ballet School

Baby Ballerinas

Age: at least 3 years
The children will explore movement qualities, musicality, motor coordination, enhancing the development of both their bodies and their minds.
Joffrey Ballet School

Pre-Ballet 1

Age: at least 5 years
Fun, creative elements such as stories, games and imaginative activities keep the pace of the class lively and engaging.
Joffrey Ballet School

Pre-Ballet 2

Age: at least 6 years
Live music enables dancers to learn dance exercises that emphasize straight legs and pointed feet, posture, placement, stretches and comportment of classical ballet
Joffrey Ballet School

Demi Soloists

Age: at least 4 years
Dancers are encouraged to expand their movement vocabulary through games and creative exploration of dance movements.
Joffrey Ballet School

Foundations of Ballet

Age: at least 7 years
Dancers are introduced to learning at this level for alignment, flexibility, and coordination. This training develops a strong foundation of physical and mental understanding necessary for Classical Ballet training.

Special Offer: In Grandma’s Attic Dance Classes

In Grandma’s Attic is a children’s fantasy dance program with  22 years of dance experience in NYC. Locations include Midtown West, Upper West Side, Chelsea, and Harlem.

Special Offer for Kidz Central Station families! $50 Discount for New Students who enroll by October 1, 2018!

Dance Classes with In Grandma’s Attic

in grandma's attic

For ages 2-3:  Budding Ballerina & Ballerino

Beginning dancers are given the freedom to create and be themselves while they explore movement, play, and dancing with others. Parent/caregiver may participate.  

in grandma's attic

For ages 3-6: Fairies & Fantasy Dance Class for Girls & Boys

Students train in pre-ballet, creative movement, and improvisation. Each week a favorite fairytale or classical ballet story is read and then reenacted through dance with costumes and props.

In Grandma's Attic

For ages 7-12:  Odyssey of the Ballet Fairies

Students learn the basics of ballet, posture and movement. Ballet classics and stories about fairies generate themes for co-creating characters, choreography, and scenes with costumes and our magical prop  – a whimsically ornate Fairy Trunk!

In Grandma's Attic

For ages 7-12: Classical Young Dancer

A beginner/elementary level class in which students learn the basics of ballet, correct posture, steps, and combinations emphasizing quality of movement. Using newly-learned ballet steps, dancers explore their own impulses in improvisation and choreography in original ballet vignettes.

Joffrey Ballet Goes Back-to-School

Joffrey Ballet Dance Classes for Kids

Joffrey Ballet School makes dance fun!  Their custom curriculum encourages age appropriate learning and teaches classical ballet, as well as, contemporary ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance.

Here are excellent options for After-School or Weekend classes this Fall/Winter 2018 season at Joffrey Ballet.

Dance With Me

Age: 2+.  Wed or Sat.  Specially designed for 2 year olds who are not yet comfortable being in a class alone. Each child is joined in class by a parent or caregiver who will be the “dancing partner.”

Baby Ballerinas

Age: 3+. Mo, Tu, Wed, Th or Sat. Children learn the elements of creative movement and ballet and skills such as turn-taking and following instructions are emphasized. Dancers explore movement qualities, musicality, and motor coordination.

Demi Soloists

Age: 4+.  Mo, Tu, Wed, Th or Sat. Dancers will learn through creative movement and basic ballet. Dancers are encouraged to expand their movement vocabulary through games and creative exploration of dance movements.


Age: 5+. Tu, Wed, Th or Sat. The elements of creative movement will be augmented with an emphasis on coordination. Basic ballet concepts will be introduced.

Pre-Ballet 2

Age: 6+.  Tu, Th or Sat. Dancers are introduced to a class format that prepares them for a “real” ballet class via exercises emphasizeing straight legs and pointed feet, posture, placement, stretches, etc.

Foundations of Ballet

Age: 7+. Mo, Wed, or Sat. Students learn dance exercises consisting of barre and centre work with focuses on posture, placement and comportment of classical ballet. This training develops a strong foundation for Classical Ballet.


Classes with Our Kids in NYC


My 4 1/2 year old son is the epitome of a first born. He is a “take charge” kind of kid and is full of confidence. And, he is ALL boy. He is active, energetic and non-stop. I became a coffee addict just to keep my eyes open until his naptime. Needless to say, when I found out I was pregnant again, the week of my son’s first birthday, I panicked. How was I going to have the stamina for two energizer bunnies? When that fateful day arrived, “delivery day”, I was stunned when I delivered a bouncing baby girl. We had chosen not to learn the sex of either of our kids, but I was sure I was carrying a boy so it was a huge surprise when my daughter was delivered and my husband and I looked at each other with fear…how were we going to take care of a girl?

Three years later, it is our little girl who has taught us how to take care of her – she pretty much potty trained herself, was eating solids and feeding herself very early and learned to dress herself before her brother ever expressed an interest in dressing himself. She is also the one who told me that she wanted to take ballet because she saw her friends dressed up in their ballerina outfits one day. Every class I had taken with my son was exhausting. I was usually chasing him around some field or gymnasium, telling him to listen to his coach, reminding him to not hit the kid next to him and explaining to him that yelling was not acceptable. So, when my daughter informed me of her desire to take ballet, I wasn’t sure how much fun Mommy was going to have.


But, of course, I enrolled her and to put it simply, it was fantastic. As she dressed herself for class in her leotard and white chiffon skirt and proudly put on her tights and ballet shoes, she was transformed into a charming ballerina. She enjoyed the class and loved being with all of her new friends. And, I was able to sit back and watch her learn and could recall being a toddler ballerina myself and it made me smile. In my busy life as a full-time working Mom, taking my daughter to ballet was a weekly opportunity to simply observe. It was a moment in time that I wasn’t focused on my career and chores at home. Instead, it allowed me the chance to watch my baby turn into a little girl. She was so proud to learn how to do the passé, the arabesque and always made sure that I was watching. Her interaction with the other ballerinas was so adorable that I found myself taking plenty of pictures to share with my family. It was a class full of Mom’s and Dad’s enjoying their children and we all seemed to be aware of how special that early age was and how important it was for our children to demonstrate their newly learned skills.

In an effort to be honest, I will confess that ballet class was not our first endeavor. No, that would have been the soccer class for kids under the age of two. That was a class where Mommy learned the soccer skills needed to be a soccer star. It was a class that Mommy learned how to kick a ball, sing songs and perfect the art of walking around the gymnasium floor with a little monkey girl who learned how to wrap herself around my leg, the minute the class started and never let go, for six weeks worth of classes. I took her to every class and was sure she was going to outgrow her clingy behavior and I could sit back and drink my coffee. But, that day never came. My hope is that all parents experience a class (or two) with their kids. You never know what you will witness and learn!

By: Denise Courter, Manhattan mother of two children under the age of 5 and Founder of FiDi Families.