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Motivate Your Child To Practice Guitar – 4 Practical Tips For Parents

guitar mom and kid

by Kenji Haba, Director, Willan Academy of Music

At present most of the parents prefer the idea of their children practicing guitar at their own residence. They are full of expectations that their young ones are going to love these lessons so much that they will simply want to practice it themselves. However, although the majority of the kids do love these lessons, they are usually reluctant to practice them at home. The primary reasons for this type of behavior are distractions as well as the lack of self-discipline. It is the duty of the parents to inspire their children to practice music on their own. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention the top 4 tips to motivate your child to practice.

Schedule your kid’s guitar practice
Initially, your toddler is going to prefer iPods and television over practicing music at home. This is because these fun devices will help them to get a reward for much less work while it is imperative to work much harder in music for that. Therefore, the parents must teach their children that although it takes more time and labor to get a reward in music, it is much better than the instant satisfaction which they receive from the appliances.

Ask your child to teach you
This technique is going to help your kid to understand his or her progress and will also boost the self-confidence of the child. He or she will start feeling important and will comprehend that this has been achieved only through the guitar. This will help to motivate him or her to continue learning.

Show your kid the examples of other noted musicians
Make it a point to show your child the videos of the famous musicians or guitarists which you think will help to engage them. Taking them to concerts will also be a smart idea since it will help them to experience live music.

Support your child
Do not forget to appreciate your child once they complete a line of guitar music or a song. Your encouragement will do a world of good for them. Tell them that what they have just played right now is appropriate for recording on a video.

Kenji Haba, MM, is a director/guitar faculty at Willan Academy of Music. As a classical guitarist, Kenji has performed at Carnegie Hall and appeared on Classical Guitar Magazine and Fanfare. Willan Academy of Music offers instruction for children in a variety of musical instruments. Check out their classes, here.

Winter Activities for Toddlers

Keeping the little ones busy during the winter

The familiar chill of winter is starting to make its unmistakable presence felt, and the sight of people bundled up in their well-worn winter clothing is becoming more common with each passing day. As the air starts getting chillier and the first few snowflakes start falling from the sky, many kids are now taking this opportunity to line up their favorite sweaters, scarves, ear muffs, cardigans, mittens and winter boots to fully enjoy the impending snow and cold. While some families are more than content to stay at home and cherish the season, many choose to enjoy the cold weather with outdoor activities that get the heart pumping – especially the winter activities for toddlers!

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1. Winter vacations to neighboring towns or other countries are also an enticing way to enjoy the cold-weather season. With an abundance of affordable travel packages and accommodations during the winter season, Ireland is turning out to be a popular destination for cozy yet exciting winter getaways for the whole family. Indeed, Ireland is home to a bevy of museums, cultural centers, palaces and castles that will surely inspire and excite the imagination of every child. Carrickfergus Castle in Belfast is famous for being the most complete early medieval castle in all of Ireland.

If traveling isn’t in the plans, then there are a wide range of creative and stimulating winter activities to keep the kids busy and stave off the dreaded cabin fever.

2. Kids love exploring and going on treasure hunts; a suitable winter version could consist of toys and trinkets that are placed either in a jar or inside holiday stockings. A big decision for parents during the holiday season is what to put inside their kids’ stockings. It’s a decision that’s made worthwhile when parents see their kids’ eyes glisten with excitement after unwrapping a pleasant surprise. Sometimes, even the holiday stocking itself can be a perfect gift in its own right.

Ex – a festive Baby’s First Christmas Stocking from Marks & Spencer is a touching reminder of the holiday spirit of giving. Of course, a charming Christmas stocking only deserves to be filled with the finest gifts.

3. Kids love doodling.  Try a quirky Heart Print Notebook and Pen Set, while budding artists can explore their creativity with a Create & Play Watercolor Set.

In this time of Santa Claus, snow angels, and gingerbread cookies, kids these days have many other ways to enjoy the cool winter season. Coupled with the warmth and comfort of their favorite sweater and mittens, Christmas couldn’t arrive soon enough.