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About Lavender Blues Music

Lavender Blues is an intimate music & movement session for babies and toddlers. During our 40 minute classes kids develop an understanding of rhythm and music, build awareness and control of their body as well as develop social and coordination skills---all while singing, dancing and having fun! We sit in a circle, sing songs, play instruments, have movement with our fingers, arms and feet, as well as march, dance, and play with a ginormous parachute!! Come have fun with us! For a special start to the new year, we have a new class that will be held at The Bahche Café in Gowanus. Although the first class will be January 7th (free of cost to all those who attend), classes officially begin starting January 21st and will be held every Tuesday at 9:30am, $10 per child. Classes in Brooklyn: Tuesday mornings The Bahche Cafe- 191 7th Street (Gowanus) $10/Drop-in at 9:30a (beginning Jan 21st 2014) Boulevard Books - 7518 13th Avenue​ (Dyker Heights) $8/Drop-in (bi-weekly) at 11a Thursday mornings Play Kids - 676 Flatbush Avenue between Winthrop and Hawthorne ​$10/drop-in at 10a Saturday mornings LARK - 1007 Church Ave (Ditmas/Flatbush) $8/drop-in at 10a Classes in Manhattan: Friday mornings at 10:15a & 3:15p The Learning Experience Children's Academy - 28 Washington Street (Battery Park) $15/drop-in

Benefits of Kids Music Classes

As someone who grew up studying music from a young age I stand by the belief that music can have a major impact on a person in many different ways.  For instance, in school I rarely had anxiety before an exam as I had experience performing with an ensemble group and going through auditions.  Music helped me think abstractly which was very helpful in school and outside of the classroom.

My personal relationship with music began when I was introduced to the piano at the age of 4. Thanks to my parents who encouraged me to take private lessons and also to teachers who challenged me to see my potential, my personal and educational life was changed because of my music.

kids music classes

Luckily in 2014, the arts go beyond Broadway plays and music lessons!  Now music classes are available to those who are even younger than 4!  These classes generally are very nurturing and in a non-formal setting. Classes such as singing simple songs and gestures, that just seem like silly fun, are in reality generating many benefits for small children.

Benefits of Kids Music Classes

Lets look at some of the positives that have been found in children being exposed to music and/or taking music classes at a young age (each article link has been added below, in case you’d like to do a little more reading!):

1) Brain Development

Music stimulates both sides of the brain, which can lead to increased creativity and fine tuning of reasoning abilities including problem solving. Research has also found that a child can be more likely to do well academically because of involvement with music.

2) Motor skills development

By playing with instruments or participating in dance that involves even the simplest movements, a child’s muscle strength and coordination can be increased. Each dance is requiring a certain amount of control from different muscles, fine-tuning skills that will help with every day activities.

3) Social skills

As early as 1-2 years a child may begin to show signs of self- consciousness, becoming more aware of his own feelings as well as observing the feelings and expressions of others. Up until now, most children have already developed close relations with only perhaps you as a parent or caregiver. Being in a social situation where he can interact with others his own age may be less intimidating if he is also able to have you there to help define positive or negative behaviors.

If you think music classes may be a good fit for your little one, feel free to come to any of our classes and just mention this blog entry for a complimentary class that day! For all information on us, please see our bio section!

There are tons of kids music classes available on – and you can search by age and location to find the best, and closest option in the city for your child!

We hope to see you soon!