Our New Series– Classes with our Kids

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We are excited to kickoff our new series Classes With Our Kids today July 22, 2013 which features different parents writing about their experiences taking classes with their kids. As a new parent I loved knowing that once a week at a set time I would be in a group of other parents of children about the same age as my daughter. It was a nice break as a new parent to be able to connect with other parents and share stories and get advice.

I also loved watching my daughter see new things and people and hear music. Taking classes with her allowed me to see the world though her eyes. It was such fun to see her excitement over bubbles and her ability to eventually say “bubbles” by the end of the semester. As she got older, it was interesting to see her develop skills and interests. She enjoyed art in preschool and we fostered this enjoyment by enrolling her in an art class.  She made friends in her art class with other children who also enjoyed art.

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Kidz Central Station invites parents to share their experiences of taking classes with their kids and any tips they would like to share with other parents.

Please email us at info@kidzcentralstation.com if you would like to guest post on this topic.

By Lauren Pohl, the founder of Kidz Central Station a site which helps parents find, compare and enroll in tons of classes, camps and activities in NYC and other areas.  She is the mother of 2 young children. 

Author: Lauren Pohl

Lauren Pohl is the CEO and founder of Kidz Central Station and a mom to two amazing kids. She came up with the idea for Kidz Central Station while on maternity leave with her youngest child. On a quest to find the right music class for her young child, she quickly grew frustrated with having to search dozens of websites in order to find the right class, many of which didn’t even have online enrollment! Thus, the idea for Kidz Central Station was born. Lauren enjoys learning about all of the great kids’ programs that help busy parents keep their children active and happy.