5 Reasons Why You Should Try Art Classes for Kids

I recently attempted my first art class – ever. As in, I even cringed going to art class in middle school. But, I actually had an AMAZING time, and created some really cool art work for my son’s bedroom in the process.

It made me think – just because I myself am not a big painter, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t let my son try it and explore – he might really enjoy it!

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Art Classes for Kids

art classes for kids

1. Step Outside the Box. I realized it is always important to step outside your comfort level and try something new. You never know – you might really enjoy it! And in NYC, you can ALWAYS bring a friend along with you so you don’t have to feel alone. So imagine how fun it is for your kids to be running around with all the other kiddies with this weird stuff they call paint all over their hands!

2. It’s Relaxing. I learned that art is great for you to relax.  So it’s great for kids as well – to release stress, anxiety, whatever it may be, and just let go and paint. The next thing you know, you’re focused, chill, and hours have passed! Very therapeutic!

3. It’s Creative! This is a given – but if you’re like me, you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body to save a life. However, if you get the right teacher and class, you will see that EVERYONE can be creative, and you’ll probably learn something about yourself. How amazing is this for our kids? To let them be kids, and paint and create to find themselves. You might be surprised what your child is capable of!

4. Art Can Help Enhance Skills. Art opens up your self-expression, letting you explore things you didn’t know about yourself. This is great for little children who are learning and absorbing everything. It helps polish their social skills, helps them learn to be independent, as well as use creative AND critical thinking.

5. Because it’s Fun! Let the kids be kids! What is more fun that splashing paint, glitter and everything messy you can imagine onto a masterpiece. I know my son can’t do all that in our apartment, so it’s a chance for him to really get dirty and love it! I have also heard that studies say art helps students do better in school overall. And I believe it – why wouldn’t a child who is allowed to be creative and express himself be more interested in learning as well?

art classes for kids

I actually took my classes at The Art Studio NY, and they offer children’s classes as well! (You can read about my full experience here). Here are some other great art class providers you can find on KidzCentralStation.com:

– Let’s Gogh Art NYC

–  the JCC in Manhattan

– Gymboree Art Classes

– The Art Farm in the City

Author: Stephanie Barnhart

Stephanie is a published author—featured in the New York Times, NY Metro Parents Magazine, PARENTGUIDE NEWS, as well as an #expertmom for MommyNearest.com, and contributing author to KidzCentralStation.com and Kidville.com’s Voices of the ‘Ville — author and speaker/consultant on motherhood and the importance of marketing and research in a business arena, specifically online. She also owns her own social media company, www.socialmindedmediagroup.com